Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winx Costume 2011

Carnival Costume Ideas 2011: Ben10, Gormiti, Barbie, Winx, Hello Kitty

What are the trends for the costumes and masks for children for this
Carnival 2011? Surely the little ones tend to follow fashion
cartoons and comics. It therefore seems obvious that the choice is between
Hello Kitty, Barbie, the Winx and Disney Princesses for girls
and Gormiti, Spongebob and Ben10 for boys.

All this is fair to add the large group of traditional costumes
Carnival such as Zorro, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, spending
for new myths cinecomics as Captain America and Thor.

In the pictures below you can see some examples of Carnival costumes
2011 which may reflect the desires and trends of your
children. There are almost all: There is Spongebob (which he won for being the most
nice and original, just like the cartoon), but there also were the
Carnival costumes for girls like Barbie, Hello Kitty and Winx.

Below we see the classics as a boy and Gormiti Ben 10. A
curiosity as you can see the last picture, the costume 'casual' to
Ben 10 does not need to be 'superprodotto'. It is also feasible with
clothes you already have in the closet. Green trousers just match
maybe a t-shirt decorated with fabric colors and that's it.

Have you already chosen your costume for Carnival 2011?
(P.S.I know that half of this article doesn't have Winx,but...)
I think that costum is very pretty and cute! Very suitable for young girls too,cause you see that everything is covered,no naked skin,like Winx have legs,stomach even hands are covered and plus with the skin color,so i think its very good designed.What do you say?Do you like it?Would you like to have one like this?
Kostimi koji ce se ove godine najvise koristit/prodavati,oni koji su najpopularniji su :Hello Kitty,Barbie Girlz,Winx,Ben10,Sundjer Bob i Gormiti.To je uglavnom to,ovo ostallo su sve neke gluposti,ali nisam hteo da menjam vec originalan clanak.Gore mozete videti primerak Stella Enchantix kostim.Sve u svemu veoma je lep,samo mi se malo noge nesta i ne svidjaju.Veoma je dobro napravljen i prilagodjen uzrastima male dace,tako sto su stavili te neke hulahopke i majcicu boju koze tamo gde Winx nemaju nista,pa je veoma lepo.Da li se vama svidja?Da lli bi zeleli da imate jedan ili slican ovakav kostim?

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