Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Cassette Multiprint . . .

The Cassette Multiprint: stamping and those with cartoon characters

Bakugan, Cars, Gormiti, Thomas The Train, Angel's Friends, Winx, Disney
Fairies, Hello Kitty, Princesses, My Melody and My Little Pony are only
some of the many cartoon characters with whom you can free
your creativity, playing with the colors and sounds of beautiful
Cassette of "Multiprint.

Delicious house-shaped boxes will surprise you with an imaginative and
fun kit includes: 7 different wooden stamps, markers
colored ink pad, a card, a small notebook and
a case to hold everything you need.

Among the 24 subjects currently available certainly find your
favorite character. After you've located it, you will not have to do is
enter the world of cute, stamp, stain and
have fun making lots of little odd jobs and DIY masterpieces.
The cottages are available in the shops of dealers known brand.

In addition, the official website encourages your imagination with the
extra section, full of coloring sheets and resources to discover.

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