Saturday, February 19, 2011

Italian! New Comic № 83 Winx Club

Do not miss the interview with Jovanotti and fashion tips on how to dress to save the winter!
From today, you can always create different hairstyles for you and your doll with braids Magic Winx!
Decorate your hair lots of colorful balls! " Monsters of Rock! "

 And Wow is this Roxy's boyfriend? :D aaa Im still not on this comic,so don't know,i actually just started and now im comic 4,so dont really now what going on here?So any readers that DO now who is he? :)
Uuu jell ce ovo biti Roksin decko?Uuu bas zanimljivo ^-^


  1. Hello.

    I was just wondering if you could let me know how I might be able to buy the magazine? I live in Australia but can I subscribe to the italian version over the internet? Thanks.

  2. Well here you can buy this one and some others ;),155_185_248/page,3 also here some books ....
    Here you can read online for FREE and u can always buy some on official site;jsessionid=037102620C570B1F38159724A691314E?

  3. And P.S.If you didnt know Winx Club 3D:Magical Adventure is coming in Australia and Germany on May 5, 2011 ;)