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New news article on the fifth and sixth series!!!Nove Novosti o 5 i 6 sezoni!

New news article on the fifth and sixth series:

Winx fairies do a bang
Sabina Minardi
A mega agreement with Paramount. An Italian who is going to Disneyland
open to Valmontone. And a blockbuster in 3D on ancient Rome. So Iginio
Straffi has built an empire of comics

(February 24, 2011)
Followers of the Madonna and fans of fairies, look at Loreto link
identity lonely hill. But with hopes parallel - miracles and magic -
destined to never meet.
Because the city of the Black Madonna, 12 000 inhabitants, in a handful of
kilometers from Recanati, twinned with Nazareth and Czestocowa, and always
pilgrimage, and also, increasingly, the land of Magix: the
magical dimension where are the Winx, the six fairies with navel
view and look that changes each season, which literally go crazy
girls, between four and 12 years. A global phenomenon that, among
cartoons sold in 130 countries, comic books, dolls and licenses for a
merchandising virtually limitless, from snacks to clothing, part
from here. From animation company that is unique in the panorama
Italian, and from its new brand, created in the side of
Hill: wood and water, glass and bamboo, dyed essential. Zen relies
the rest of nature.

It's called the breaches this part of the Marche, where he established the
Rainbow Iginio Straffi, a hundred employees, many in
studies of the Rainbow CGI, which in Rome is concerned with special effects and
3D animation, a network of associates and an office in Singapore
by the development of online games.

The founder and CEO is one who has spent his
first twenty years to dredge in the future strokes and pencil sketches. And
20 Subsequent to seize it, collecting money and success:
2010 has closed with revenues in excess of 60 million euro (over 20 per
cent compared to 2009) and an EBITDA of 26 million and
medium (plus 30 per cent). A couple of weeks ago has put the signature on the
His most important agreement: the Americans with Viacom, the giant
Average owner of movie studio Paramount, which acquired
30 percent of the company. Thus ensuring the future of the fairies, and
to himself. And kicking off a series of synergies to be licking their chops:
from distributing the film to thousands of salt in the majors
Hollywood, the programming of cartoons (among others,
Tommy & Oscar, Monster Allergy, Huntik, PopPixie) on Nickelodeon, the
Network of excellence for boys. Starting in June, preceded by a
huge marketing campaign.

"We will get into American homes from the main entrance," says
Straffi, air gentle composure plastered hair, emerged from a
coiffeur comic soul to betray a multifaceted genius. The smile is
natural background, which is independent from the other person.

Reasons for satisfaction, for that matter, has any number of them: born in
tiny village of Gualdo, Macerata grew up with the obsessive
pastime to devour comics (Mickey Mouse, Geppo, Mites), it is
family tradition (his mother was a seamstress and his father bus driver) did not
attended special schools (but while he was in high school participated in the
competitions, such as the magazine "Totem" and overtaken designers
most professionals) believed in themselves enough to not stop at the first
landing training (despite the coveted team of Sergio Bonelli).
And if someone should say it is only thanks to a priest and a small
Marches group of entrepreneurs. That gave him confidence,
originally acquired the shares in his company, now sold in the same

An almost epic in today: so much so that it becomes a case
Economic studies at the London School, with the model's Rainbow
courses opened this year in the Department of Strategy and Management
International. In the past it was already successful brand like Ducati and
Ferrari. Last month it happened to Straffi fly to London, to confess
to an international audience of students rampant arms of his
success: "Spirit of sacrifice. And I want to do it," says: "The first
years were very hard. Participated in all the fairs, I would go around
with my briefcase trying to win the confidence of some
big name. But that would not show up for appointments, or sent
someone who does not count. Rainbow was born the same, with very little money
and a team of enthusiasts. Whenever the situation became more
difficult to get recognition, to brighten the outlook. "

The jump in the true success are the Winx, "x" to draw the shape and
the sound of the wings (in English "wings"), debuted in 2005. Only
apparently a dip in a vacuum: in fact, a company planned to
table. "I noticed that there were cartoons starring
women: the United States they had recovered some of their
tradition of super heroes, but nothing to really talk to girls
today. I dreamed of fairies with very different characteristics, in
so that in some of their girls would certainly
identified. "The Red Bloom, the leader of the free and temperament
rash that looks like perfectly Straffi says to his wife, Joanne Lee,
of Singapore, the blonde star, the Eastern Aisha. And Flora, the most
romantic, Tecna, and Musa, computer and music lovers. Small heroines
- Each with special powers to defend their world
the assault of the forces of evil - inspired in look and appearance,
to dive true: Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé.

"One way to evoke imagery of success, of course. But to understand
character designer on the fly. "In fact, an exploit immediately. And a
"Lifestyle brand": a universe that accompanies the girls to school,
bed, a table, on vacation. A club, in fact: the Winx Club With so much
newspaper of reference. Loreto depart from fifteen newspapers, which loop
continuously invade the kiosks, including gadget: "We are in ten
writing and we have a hundred employees, "says Christian
Buzzella, editorial director: "Russia and Turkey are currently
countries where it is true for the Winx boom. "

Success came, overflowing, infects the film, where a land
3D film that is an example of absolute innovation and creativity ("A
Magical Adventure "). Straffi It offers quiet, despite the
Crusader of parents who accuse her of creatures
provocation to conduct adults too, love the passion for
fashion. Who initiates these controversies have never seen my cartoons
animated, "he replies:" From the aesthetic point of view, the characters
depict reality as it is. The messages, however, are strong, clear,
positive. So that the next series, the fifth and sixth, which
will produce with the Americans, they will develop important ecological issues. A
from environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. "

Swears not to have lost an inch the desire to draw. Indeed,
continuously fed with the cinema, with the move: with the watchful eyes
to seize the news in the air. The Rainbow Academy in Rome, a project that
"Stems from the desire to give opportunities to young people who really love
design "is also this: to select innovative talents.
"I look at the company. Sometimes it's the look of a guy on the street, or
the emotion that I left after a movie, that helps me to focus on a
character or a script. "That he cares about more than ever,
at the moment is an ambitious film project, already cost
€ 27 million and four years of work: a 3D film on the ancient
Rome has ignited the interest of Americans. "I'm afraid it will cost
more, "says Straffi, who is also director of the film:" I wrote the
subject. The dialogues, however, are by Michael Wilson, author of 'It was
Ice Age ". A full-blown epic, and the mystery is even in dense
name should be titled "The Academy of Gladiator, will arrive in
salt at the beginning of 2012, both in Italy and the USA
privilege that in recent times has only touched on "Life is Beautiful". E
will be set in the last year of construction of the Colosseum between challenges and
laughter, culminating with the inauguration of the monument to the more recognizable

But first there is another tape to be cut: in mid-April, that of
Rainbow Magicland, amusement park in Valmontone, near Rome,
that seeks to undermine the primacy of European Disneyland theme parks.
An investment of € 300 million and its participating where Straffi
as minority shareholders (the Park has made Alfa), but where the presence
Winx is one of the major attractions: Castle Alfea with
Winx Club and the School of Cinema 4D in the Enchanted Forest, with
typical scenarios of the board.

"And I still have a couple of big dreams in the drawer," feels the need to
add, by fervent militant visionary. Sure, as one who
has already seen everything from the beginning. And now attends, with a smile in the mouth,
its true.


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