Friday, March 18, 2011

Pop Pixie Closes New European Licensing Deals! Pop Piksi stvaraju nove poslove u Evropi!

Fashion and fun Follow top TV Ratings across Europe

(Loreto, Italy, March 16, 2011) Rainbow’s Pixie property has entered a slew of new licensing deals following its record breaking debut on broadcasters across Europe.

In Italy, where the Pixies have had a strong following since their debut on Winx Club in 2007, fashion led the list of new licensees: Marini Silvano (caps), Moda Bimbo (bags and fashion accessories), and Effegi Style (shoes) will cover the Italian market. They will support existing licensees such as Mirtillo (apparel, Italy), Carel (apparel, France), and Leomil (shoes in Europe excluding Italy, apparel in Central Europe) in giving PopPixie a massive presence in the world of fashion.

Other new deals include World Cart paper pocket handkerchiefs and Paben key rings, figurines, and alarm clocks in Italy, Cimpa underwear, nightwear and socks in Turkey, Prime food decoration and Isotoner antislip socks in France and FSE, Jose Juan Albero Puerto towels in Spain, and SAB towels, bedding and curtains in Turkey.

Part of PopPixie’s rapid growth in licensees is due to a Master Toy License with Bandai, its proven success in Italy in 2007 - when it sold 12 million Ferrero eggs and had a No.1 Fashion Doll - and its excellent TV ratings so far. Amongst 4-6 year olds, PopPixie reached peak ratings of 45% on France 3 (October 2010), 58% on Spain’s Clan TV (October 2010) and 58% on TVI Portugal (November 2010). The series has also begun airing on K-Net (Africa), Canal Panda (Portugal), Kanal D (Turkey), RAI (Italy), Alter (Greece), Junior and MTV3 (Finland), MBC (Middle East and Africa), and Noga (Israel).

PopPixie is an animated comedy for 4-10 year olds which takes place in Pixieville, a fantastical dimension where gnomes and magical animals live happily together with endlessly entertaining Pixies. But the peace and tranquility are often upset by rabble-rousing Elves, naughty kids always on the lookout for a little trouble and harmless fun. Magic, adventure and humor abound with these unforgettable characters, first introduced in 2007 in the super-popular Winx Club series two. TV ratings soon went through the roof and the colourful Pixies achieved immediate fame and impressive licensing results, prompting Rainbow to give the charming characters their very own TV show.

About Rainbow : Founded in 1995, Rainbow is a content company which develops animated and multimedia properties. Today it is one of the largest and most internationally renowned animation studios in the world. It is the only production company in Italy able to complete all stages of animation internally, including 3D animation. It currently has 200 full-time employees, as well as a network of animation freelancers and professionals who work with the company on a regular basis. The companies within the Rainbow group holding include: Rainbow Distribution BV in the Netherlands and Rainbow in (local offices which manage TV and licensing interests in association with the head office in Loreto); Rainbow CGI in Rome (film production, special effects and 3D animation); Rainbow Entertainment in Rome (fiction and live action); Rainbow Media in Singapore (videogames, internet, and on-line games); Tridimensional in Loreto (publishing and DVDs sold in kiosks); and Witty Toys in Amsterdam and Hong Kong (toy manufacturing). Rainbow creates and distributes original properties Winx Club, Huntik, PopPixie, Monster Allergy, Tommy & Oscar, and Maya Fox. For more information visit Koko Media and thanks MichaelsWinxClub ! 


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