Monday, March 7, 2011

Some More News of Season 5 and 6! Jos nekih novih novosti o 5,6 sezoni Vinks!

The animated series Winx Club, which has been issued through the screens of Cartoon Network Latin America, will have two new seasons. Apparently the new saga of the series will be developed between Nickelodeon and the original creator Rainbow Italian producer, ie a co-production between companies. Through an agreement the chain acquired the rights of previous seasons for broadcast on TV.

The season five and six will be under the seal of Nick will consist of 26 episodes each, is expected to release date is around 2012. However, previous seasons of Winx Club will appear on TV only towards the end of next year, so as to serve as an endorsement of what's to come in 2011. Besides the new production will contain new animation and a new graphic design. During this year's fourth season premiere of the series on Cartoon Network, although many fans have criticized the lack of promotion by the channel.

The Winx Club is an Italian animated series produced by the animation studio Iginio Straffi. The official debut of the series was in 2004, later became a worldwide hit, generating the promotion of a variety of articles based on the new franchise, such as toys, books, clothes and DVDs. The story chronicles the adventures of six teenage fairies who fight against their arch-enemies, while they learn and develop their large and powerful mystical abilities.

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Thanks TecnaStella0215 for this! ^_^
-------------------My Opinion------------
I first thought that Winx season 5 will arrive this spring in Italy! Thats something first i have to etll,then what NEW GRAPHICS!? No,that would be horibble,i LOVE the Winx just the way they are,if they change style of drawing them,i will maybe even stop liking them,i mean if you guys saw the pic i saw you wouldnt like it too,for sure,thats everything i gonna say!

Ovde uglavnom ce malo opisivati Winx,tj ono iznad,i Iginiove poslove sa kompanijom Nickeleodon! Ali ima nesto sto me je iznverviralo u ovom clanku iznad!Pise da ce sezona 5 i 6 verovatno stici u 2012,a ja sam cuo da ce u Italiji u 2011! Drugo da ce biti drugacija animacija i drugacija grafika!WTF?To tako ne moze,ja mislim da niko ne zeli da vidi drugacije Vinks,da ih svi volimo onakve kakve su! Sta im fali,ako vec dolazi da radi nova kompanija zajedno sa Rainbow kompanijom to ne znaci da treba odmah da se nesta menja.Strasnooooo! ^-^

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