Saturday, March 12, 2011

Winx Magica Avventura Cover DVD Scans! Skenirani DVD omotac!

Hvalla CoverandCover i BelieveInWinx i Michael's Winx Club! ^__^


  1. This news from BelieveInWinx was stolen from Michaels Winx Club newspage as he posted it first and they stole it and posted on their site with no credit to him, then you steal it and give them credit instead, cruel world. Crystal

  2. Hi Jovan,
    Can you please give credits to Micheal please because i got the news from him... and didn't give credits..
    And Crystal I didn't steal it just forgot to give him credits
    So stop calling me a thief!
    Because We've sorted it now okay
    bye bye
    And Thanks Jovan! :) P.S I do check your site :)

  3. Hey look girlz,not a prboblem,i gave creadits from where i took,i didn't know that its was from Michael's Winx Club since it wasnt wroted,now when i know i wiill creadit both,okay? :]

  4. I appreciate you both for your efforts. All is happy in the Winx world!!! :)

  5. Great ^_^ Im glad this problem is solved -.^