Friday, March 25, 2011

Molly Quinn will be voicing Bloom!Moli Kuin ce davati glas Blum u Buducnosti!

The one who will giving voice for Bloom in season 4 and future series of Nickelodeon and Rainbow will beMolly Quinn.She is an 17 old girl and looks like she like Winx still ^_^ But get back to post,confrimation that she WILL be voicing Bloom,came directly from her Official Fan-Page on Facebook,where she wrote this:
I have been given permission to share the voice over project I have been doing over the last few weeks. I am the voice of “Bloom” in Nickelodeon’s Winx Club that will start airing this summer.
Molly also tweeted about the project before revealing it and said she’s loving it.
Well The Oblivious Prattler from UnaDiNoi haves some theory about how they may pick choices for voices.And i have to tell you that i may agree,her theory seems really interesting.And the theory is that maybe they are trying to get as much as closer real person(look-a-like) to Winx.Well at least thats how i got her thoery.Then she thought they may go to some events to get and all that,which is really gr8 idea.And that MAY be a true cause we all now that mistake of Keisha(which was typo,mispelled from Aisha(aka Layla in English) to Kesiha) that already Keke Palmerwill be voicing Aisha(Layla) in future series) And she really do like a like Layla.I mean she is black and have that curly chocolate hair color,so it may really and like a true.It would be soo cool :D .
How do you feel about Molly Quinn and Keke Palmer as Bloom and Layla? Who would you love to see as the other Winx?
Thanks The Oblivious Prattler (UnaDiNoi)(The Post) for awesome news! -.^
P.S.Congratz Winx4Life for she linking them ^_^ WOW :]


  1. Hey! I'm TheMelodicMuse from Una di Noi. I'm glad you're excited about the news, but would you mind linking to our article instead of directly copying and pasting it? Thanks! ^_^

  2. Depends...Keke Palmer i am okay with but i dont know who molly quinn is

    i finally got here! yesterday it kept on sending me error messages

  3. Of course tecna and Roxy will be hard to pick voices for if your theory is correct

  4. Yeah, copying and pasting the exact article is kinda lame...

  5. Actually, Kica, it was MY theory.

    Jovan, I don't mind if you use my posts, and I appreciate that you linked back to me. But please don't copy posts word for word. I'd rather you quoted small parts in an original article.

    I have a page about this on my blog:

  6. Okay im going to correct now ^_^

  7. I don't think Tecna and Roxy will be hard. They could have the VAs for those characters dye their hair to match. Do you know Ariana Grande from Victorious (she plays Cat)? She dyed her hair for the character.

  8. Akira- That is true,I just hope the voices fit well.

  9. Yeah! ^_^ P.S.Ella i edited post AGAIN lol and congratz you ^^ I will again do that trough post ;] <3 You must be really proud ^_^