Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Character?

 Hey guys,it was a while,huh?Well here go some news!This guy,someone say his name is Karen,and that he is from magazine!I don't read comic,but i trust them...^^...well now the mystery is why is there his picture to choose for avatar on the OFFICIAL winx site???And plus there is no Nabu!?Will he show up in season 5,or even movie maybe?But,even if he appear what will he role be?Will he be new Layla's boyfriend,i mean if she loosed Nabu,or maybe even Roxy's boyfriend 'cause just she now if we not count Layla doesn't have one,and in season 4 she said in one episode that she is ready and want to go to alfea,so that mean she will be in Magix!But,if u see he little looks like riven,maybe will he be Riven brother or something?And doesn't Karen look like game avatar guys?And maybe Jared will grow and look like that,you know Jared boy who fall love in Musa!Hmmm,who know what will he be,maybe he even won't appear,looks like
again one more mystery to wait...^^                               Jared

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