Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Winx Club 2-More News ^^

The school celebrates the beginning of Alphaeus new academic year, but by this time come insidious Trix. Winx without Bloom, forced them to confront, but destroying everything Trix steal a powerful and mysterious object. Meanwhile, Bloom at Domino, is experiencing the best moments of his new life as a princess. Once she found her parents, Sky asks her to marry him. But not all gold that glitters, the three witches ancestors returned. In addition, Erendor father forbids his son Skye marries Princess Domino. A dark secret lies in the Erakliona and now that Sky has a legitimate ruler of the kingdom. Meanwhile, with the help of Trix, old witch looking for Tree of Life, which holds the balance of positive and negative magic. But the powerful spell led to the destruction of this balance. Bloom and her friends were so helpless and are forced to confront again witches. Will our heroes find a way to restore balance in the magical dimension? And what is the secret that keeps Skye and Bloom? Their love will survive another test? Between jokes and moments of real magic, Winx return to flight.


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