Thursday, May 20, 2010

Winx Club 2 Official *Active* ^^

The Official site of Winx Club:Magic Adventure is finally ready and active there is about movie,and photos,photos you can't download,but if u want pics,although they are already posted ,you can get them,when your "scroll lock"is active and then click on Print Screen which is by right side from Scroll Lock,ant then go to paint and click edit on menu and then paste.Thats all if u want awesome screenshoots :D .Well go back to site.The site is is the same color and its still ofc only on italian .Down you can see the "countdown" and giorno on italian means days,so there will be how much days are until the movie is shown,which all you guess i think,but never mind :D
Btw,soon translation about movie comes ^^

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